19 janeiro 2007

Mini-Quilt (4)

Finalmente está pronto o top do mini quilt. O projecto do border não foi exatamente seguido à risca porque à última hora me agradou mais esta ideia que a inicial.

Finally, the mini-quilt top is finished. The border project was not strictly followed. Piecing the the border I found this idea much more interesting than the first one.

É sempre bom ter alguém para ajudar

It's always nice to have someone to help

5 comentários:

SARI disse...

Me gusta mucho el miniquilt y tu blog. Tus diseños son delicados y muy bonitos. Bienvenida a Taller de Quilting.

Hanne disse...

What a lovely mini quilt - and a beautiful cat :-)

Anita disse...

I love you miniquilt and I certanly adore your beautifull cat :-)))

Anita disse...

Ref you comments in my blog :-D
Here in Norway there are many quilters. This is a very popular hobby. We also have many many quilt shops :-))) Just in my local Quilt Group we are 90 members that meet once a month :-D

SheMeows disse...

Your mini quilt is beautiful, as is the cat. I'm very fond of Siamese.

Nice to see a new blog on the ring Taller de Quilting!